Monday, June 30, 2008

Kicking off summer...

The last weekend in June our friends the Ryan's hosted a summer kick off barbecue. It was a great time of HOT weather, fellowship and yummy food. Here are some of the photo highlights.

Little man Asher enjoying some yummy dessert!

The kids spent most of the day outside in the pool and playing in the yard (it was the hottest day of the summer so far). Logan enjoying her dessert!

Sadie trying to shade herself anyway possible!

Dallas and her daddy, Mat - showing off their ICE!
All the grown-ups enjoying dessert and fellowship around the Ryan's new table!!

The popsicle man came by and as we all got a cold treat - the problem... it was so hot they were melting faster then we could all eat them. Micah and Samuel with their popsicles!

Perfect picture for the end of the day "I'm all sticky!" says Syrah.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Snoqualmie Falls

Saturday we had a rare free day (sad to say it is rare) and the night before we were looking on the Internet of things to do in and around Seattle; Snoqualmie Falls popped up and I had mentioned to Billy that I had never been. So, we decided to pack a lunch and head up. It was a great day to go, the weather was perfect up there!

This view does not even come close to showing the beauty and magnitude of this waterfall!
From the observation Deck - looking straight down the spray caused tons of rainbows to appear; it was beautiful.

The view from the bottom was not the greatest - there was a LARGE warning sign asking people not to go beyond the built up observation deck, but TONS of people were climbing over the wall and then walking on the rocks below. As tempting as it was, we decided the warning signs are there for a good reason and it was best for us to respect that.

Some other random photos from the day...

It sure was is a beautiful wonder that we experienced and I could hardly believe I had never been being that it is only about 30miles outside of Seattle!


Last weekend when the girls spent the day with the Caceres Family (see previous posts) the caught and brought home 21 pollywog's. It has been our pleasure to watch the beautiful polly's turn into frogs. The girls are fascinated with the process as are we (we found ourselves watching them for 40 mins straight one night). Of the 21 a few have passed away, but we have had the chance to release a few that were ready to go.

Here are me and the girls on the "first release"
Sadie holding the frog; it is amazing how tiny these little guys are.
This is a close up of "baby" - the girls have named most of them and those who don't have names seem to acquire them as they come into froghood!
Thank you Caceres's for allowing us to share in this process, they are so much fun and we look forward to the weeks ahead as more make the transformation.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A week worth sharing...

Last Monday Sadie had several appointments at Children's; so Billy drove us down, which was a nice treat. Later in the day we had a break between appointments so my mom and Syrah came down and we had lunch at University Village; I forgot I had my camera, but remembered as we picked up a Starbucks on our way out. It was nice to have some time with them all that afternoon and great of my mom to bring Syrah down.

Grandma Valerie and Sadie in line at Starbucks

Syrah waiting outside with me

That night Billy and I went to a Mariner's Game. This is the first game Billy has been to this season and he was beaming like a little boy; it helped that ownership started making some shifts that day and that brings some hope and excitement to the game that has been missing for a while.

We got there early enough to catch the end of the Mariner's batting practice and we noticed one of the players was signing autographs. Billy had to go get in line...

Here he is with Eric Badard ~ Billy is beaming!!

Again, as I mentioned, he was like a little boy!! We both had a great time; even if they lost. I love how Billy puts it - "doesn't matter if they win or loose, I love the game and that is why I watch" - of course you only make such statements when your team isn't doing well at

Saturday was the big Couples Luau Shower for my Dad and Kelly who are getting married in August. We had a great turn out and it seemed like everyone was having a very nice time. My hope is that Dad & Kelly had a great time too!!

Some of the way too much food!!

And more food!!

While I was at the shower, our friends the Caceres's had the girls over. It was so kind of them to offer to watch them that day and even more awesome that they put so many special moments into the day for the girls. When they came home, Katrina had made a disc with all the pictures from the day so that we could see them catching pollywog's (which they are now temporally caring for 21 of them), playing on the water slide and having a special cupcake party! The girls had a blast and I felt peace knowing they were being loved and cared for all day!

kids catching pollywog's!

Thank you Caceres's - Michael, Katrina, Samuel & Micah!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Latest Updates...

So it is a very busy time for our family; my work (Theresa's) is in full busy season and end of the year school stuff for Sadie in addition to enjoying life with family and friends. It has been a while since I have updated so here are some of the latest....

The first week of the month we had our friends the Caceres's over to celebrate Michael's birthday! We had one of my oldest friends, Liz and her kids over for dinner (she is visiting from New Mexico) and in that enjoyed some of the days the sun made an appearance. Syrah took her training wheels off at Susan's and within three short try's is now riding free!!

Saturday (14th) we had Theresa's Grandma & Grandpa, Dad and fiancee' Kelly over for a BBQ and we learned a few new cards games including a game called 99 which is a ton of fun and a great one for families. Sunday was Father's Day and we took a day trip to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma.

Dad & his girls

Here they are outside the zoo. The animals at Point Defiance are different then those at Woodland and they have a great aquarium in addition.

In addition to helping with the plans for my dad's upcoming wedding in Hawaii; I have also been planning a shower that will take place next Saturday - this has kept us very busy and we look forward to sharing some of the fun Luau with you soon!!

Here are some pictures from out trip to the zoo!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day which focuses attention on important environmental issues. According to the United Nations "World Environment Day is commemorated each year on June 5th. It is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action."

World Environment Day was created by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972
Each year a theme is selected, The theme for 2008 is "CO2 Kick the Habit". Each year, a different city is selected to host World Environment Day celebrations. Wellington, New Zealand will be hosting for 2008.

Celebrate World Environment Day by:

Learning more about the environmental topic selected this year.
Participate in World Environment Day activities
Help to create awareness of the issue

Here are 80 additional ways to celebrate or participate in World Environment Day:

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Simple Sunday

Sunday was a great day; we had a wonderful worship service at the church we have been attending and a great time of prayer! After church we had the pleasure of having lunch with some friends and most importantly some wonderful company. One of the girls dear friends Micah made them a small bouquet of flowers from his garden (Thank you Micah). Both were thrilled with them (Syrah fell asleep in the car holding hers). Sadie immediately took them to her flower press (she loves to press flowers). Syrah wanted her to be in a vase in her room. I thought this picture captures the beauty!

Day in Ballard -n- Graduation Celebraton

Saturday we went to my grandma's house to "start" marking some of our garage sale stuff (garage sale in July!); during our move my grandma and mom were taking loads to store in my grandma's garage and we were super surprised to see how much was there (out of site out of mind). The good news; everything in there is marked; now all that is left is the stuff in our garage!

Billy trying to find the best way to arrange the garage - thank you Grandma for allowing us to take up all your space.

After that we decided to take the girls to Cupcake Royal on Market Street. The girls had no idea where we were going and until we reached this sign, they both thought we were going to a coffee shop!

Here we are waiting to enjoy our cupcakes; They were very Y-U-M-M-Y!

That night we went to my aunts house to celebrate the graduation of my cousins Ryan and Joey from High School. The hit for the girls (especially Sadie) was the fact my aunt & uncle got a Wallaby as a pet (who knew you could have a wallaby?!?!).

Sadie was delighted when Auntie Lisa let her "walk" or should we say "hop" Foster around.

Syrah got a chance to take him for a hop too.

Sadie sat with Foster almost the entire time and he curled up and fell asleep. He is a very sweet little guy. I think what surprised me the most about him was the fact that he actually has a lot of power when he hops; I think he takes people for a walk, not the other way around.

Day at the Park...

Last weekend we found this great little park near our house; it was a beautiful day and there was hardly anyone there. The girls had a blast playing at the play ground and then they played tag with dad!!! It was a great day!

Syrah on the monkey bars - she not only made it across but she all ready can skip a bar!!
There was a zip line (which was SUPER FUN) here is me bringing Sadie back to start!
Sadie was pushing Syrah trying to get her higher then her daddy!
Just LOVE black and whites these are two of my favorite pictures from the day!

Me and my girls!!