Saturday, August 16, 2008

~~Hawaii~~ (two favorite shots!)

I just had to share two of my most favorite shots!!!

~~Hawaii~~ (part 3)

~~~~~~The Wedding Day~~~~~~
I wish we had more shots from the big day, but we don't... we were having too much fun enjoying the celebration!

Congratulations Dad & Kelly ~ May you be filled with Love and Joy for all the years to come!

Friday, August 15, 2008

~~Hawaii~~ (part 2)

~~~~~~Pearl Harbor~~~~~~

There are not really any words that can express the somberness of the experience of being there. I know the kids don't get the full magnitude of the events that day; for that matter, I am not sure I can wrap my head around it. The memorial was beautifully thought out and I am very glad that we went as they are working on raising funds to re-do some of the memorial. The names of the men lost that day was huge and the name of survivors who have sense past was so small; it surely is a great reminder of the loss of that day! The two things that stick out in my mind the most are the one display they have that held pieces to one of those lost; who he was... pictures from his high-school, pictures of him and his wife, a letter he once wrote her, the uniform he wore and the letter sent to his wife after his death. The other was the footage they show prior to taking you to the memorial site; I didn't realize they had so much footage from that day.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

~~Hawaii~~ (part 1)

I really don't know where to start on our trip to Hawaii, so I am just going to post some picture highlights; I will attempt to keep them at a minimum, however, there are tons and some that I feel are priceless. Shots that can't be shared from our experience of swimming with the dolphins... all of us got in for this and therefore no one could take pictures, but we did buy the pictures that
that Sea Life took so we have some captured memories for ourselves!!

~~~~~~~At the Beach~~~~~~~

~~~~~~Grandma 70th Birthday Dinner at Dukes~~~~~~

~~~~~~With the Birds~~~~~~

~~~~~~Sea Life Park~~~~~~

~~~~~~Sea Life Park Luau~~~~~~

pictures from the Luau do not do this justice at all!! We LOVED the Luau!!!

More pictures to come from Pearl Harbor and from The wedding!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Last meeting before the big day...

Saturday we had out last official wedding planning meeting before we all get on planes and head to Hawaii! We have been meeting monthly for about six+ months and it was both exciting and a relief to know this was the final meeting before the big wedding day!!! Next posting will be pictures from Hawaii and the wedding!!! Mahalo!