Sunday, August 28, 2011

4x7 (7)

4x7 (6)

4x7 (5)

4x7 (4)

4x7 (3)

4x7 (2)

4x7 (1)

4x7 = 28 pictures this week.
No words to explain, no order of events, just shots I have enjoyed over the past several weeks.

Dolphin Tale

We were given passes to a preview of Dolphin Tale which is due to hit theaters on September 23rd. This was an amazingly inspirational story with a beautiful message and based on true events. I would recommend this movie to any family looking for a good, clean movie this fall.
I will put the disclaimer out that I cried (several times) through-out the movie... bring your tissues!

Dolphin Tale - September 23, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

a dozen things

1. I cut all my hair off again... I think I wish I was more daring and would cut it even further. I do miss the pony tails though!

2. I finally got two things off my to do list that have never made it on paper but have been on the back of my mind... ditch the "craft table" and get a shelf AND buy a backup hard drive so I don't cry if I loose all my pictures. Whew... feels good to have that done!.

3. I took on some big stuff last year and said I wouldn't take on more, but just realized I took on three additional "challenges". I feel NO regret, only excitement that I have been given opportunities!

4. I am excited to start blogging and taking the blog in a different direction.

5. I am madly and deeply in love with my husband. I love him more today than I think I ever have... words don't express!

6. I have a goal to talk less and listen more (in every area). I will need prayer for that one!

7. I am pretty addicted to America's Got Talent right now and blown away by the talent people have... also very grateful to not be held hostage to the television; thank you creators of the DVR.

8. Happy Birthday to my mom today who never reads this blog so it's a bit silly to wish her a happy one here, but maybe one day she will check it out and know I was thinking of her out loud.
9. I have had an exceptionally wonderful summer considering our circumstances and what the expectations where.

10. I have found so many blogs by chance that I just love to read. not martha is one of my favorites (isn't the name great?). Another great one... bake it in a cake - yes, seriously this is SO fun! What are some of your favorites?

11. I finished two great books: Seventeen Second Miracle and Wednesday Letters. I am hoping to get my hands on The Help and East of Eden soon!

12. I saw this wonderful bumper sticker:
The more you see the problems of others... the smaller yours seem.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It may seem a little dry here....

but we are still full of life!

Hoping to jump back into blogging soon!