Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dozen things about TODAY:

1.       I got up at a ridiculously early this morning and don’t feel like I need more sleep.
2.       My oldest went off to High School today!
3.       I only drank 1 cup of coffee.
4.       Crepes were breakfast this morning; I rarely cook a big breakfast on the weekdays.
5.       I ate them; I rarely eat breakfast.
6.       My baby went off to the fourth grade today. 
7.       By 10:30 this morning I had consumed more water than I usually do in a week.
8.       Probably because I am so nervous about line 2 and water is a better option than chocolate.
9.       Have I mentioned that I have been praying continually today.
10.   I am grateful for a God who had the string to my children… I trust Him.
11.   Blogged:  Blogging is something I haven’t done in ages.  I ride the fence of just ending it or trying to pick it back up.
12.   Bought my first thing from Living Social today.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring???