Sunday, June 29, 2008

Snoqualmie Falls

Saturday we had a rare free day (sad to say it is rare) and the night before we were looking on the Internet of things to do in and around Seattle; Snoqualmie Falls popped up and I had mentioned to Billy that I had never been. So, we decided to pack a lunch and head up. It was a great day to go, the weather was perfect up there!

This view does not even come close to showing the beauty and magnitude of this waterfall!
From the observation Deck - looking straight down the spray caused tons of rainbows to appear; it was beautiful.

The view from the bottom was not the greatest - there was a LARGE warning sign asking people not to go beyond the built up observation deck, but TONS of people were climbing over the wall and then walking on the rocks below. As tempting as it was, we decided the warning signs are there for a good reason and it was best for us to respect that.

Some other random photos from the day...

It sure was is a beautiful wonder that we experienced and I could hardly believe I had never been being that it is only about 30miles outside of Seattle!

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