Sunday, June 29, 2008


Last weekend when the girls spent the day with the Caceres Family (see previous posts) the caught and brought home 21 pollywog's. It has been our pleasure to watch the beautiful polly's turn into frogs. The girls are fascinated with the process as are we (we found ourselves watching them for 40 mins straight one night). Of the 21 a few have passed away, but we have had the chance to release a few that were ready to go.

Here are me and the girls on the "first release"
Sadie holding the frog; it is amazing how tiny these little guys are.
This is a close up of "baby" - the girls have named most of them and those who don't have names seem to acquire them as they come into froghood!
Thank you Caceres's for allowing us to share in this process, they are so much fun and we look forward to the weeks ahead as more make the transformation.

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