Monday, June 23, 2008

A week worth sharing...

Last Monday Sadie had several appointments at Children's; so Billy drove us down, which was a nice treat. Later in the day we had a break between appointments so my mom and Syrah came down and we had lunch at University Village; I forgot I had my camera, but remembered as we picked up a Starbucks on our way out. It was nice to have some time with them all that afternoon and great of my mom to bring Syrah down.

Grandma Valerie and Sadie in line at Starbucks

Syrah waiting outside with me

That night Billy and I went to a Mariner's Game. This is the first game Billy has been to this season and he was beaming like a little boy; it helped that ownership started making some shifts that day and that brings some hope and excitement to the game that has been missing for a while.

We got there early enough to catch the end of the Mariner's batting practice and we noticed one of the players was signing autographs. Billy had to go get in line...

Here he is with Eric Badard ~ Billy is beaming!!

Again, as I mentioned, he was like a little boy!! We both had a great time; even if they lost. I love how Billy puts it - "doesn't matter if they win or loose, I love the game and that is why I watch" - of course you only make such statements when your team isn't doing well at

Saturday was the big Couples Luau Shower for my Dad and Kelly who are getting married in August. We had a great turn out and it seemed like everyone was having a very nice time. My hope is that Dad & Kelly had a great time too!!

Some of the way too much food!!

And more food!!

While I was at the shower, our friends the Caceres's had the girls over. It was so kind of them to offer to watch them that day and even more awesome that they put so many special moments into the day for the girls. When they came home, Katrina had made a disc with all the pictures from the day so that we could see them catching pollywog's (which they are now temporally caring for 21 of them), playing on the water slide and having a special cupcake party! The girls had a blast and I felt peace knowing they were being loved and cared for all day!

kids catching pollywog's!

Thank you Caceres's - Michael, Katrina, Samuel & Micah!!


Bill said...

A great week indeed!

Oh, and that Cotton Candy was GOOD!!

caceres family said...

Super cute picture of you both at the game! Glad Billy had so much fun, it shows!!

We LOVED watching Sadie and Syrah. Thank you for letting us have the day with them.....need anymore polywogs?????