Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What is it?????

Monday after the kids got out of school we got home and Syrah and I were going to take the dog for a quick walk. On our way out we found this in our driveway. It was obviously injured, unable to fly, but was moving around quite a bit. I have NO idea what it is, but it had the markings of a bee (more like a wasp) and the stinger of a sting ray. Anyone want to help me out with this, what is it???

When Bill got home I took him out to show him and he as gone. My first thought was that maybe a bird got him, but honestly, with that "tail/stinger" thing... not sure why any bird would want to eat that!
Looking forward to comments that give me some information on this very "interesting" insect!


Caceres Family said...

Mrs. Jordan,
It is a Stump Stabber, a type of wasp. It uses the long "stinger" to tap on tree trunks not for stinging people. they live in the forest and they stick their larva into other insects where it will eat the host from the inside out. you are very lucky to have seen this amazing samuel

Mama Val said...

I am very glad that Samuel knows what that "cute" insect is. I still think I would run, screaming and yelling if I actually see one.