Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yesterday Sadie and all the other kids in her class got to launch the rockets that they had made in class. This was quite the event. I had no clue when I arrived to watch that a good 1/2 of the school came out to watch this event. I also had no clue that these rockets really took off!!! Many times once in the air I couldn't see them until they released their parachutes!

Sadie having the final touches prepped before her launch.

Three kids prepped for launch together, but only one "hit the button" at a time. This was to avoid any in air collisions!

This is the video of Sadie's launch. I have to apologize; I have this habit of turning the camera to a different angle thinking it will correct itself. I am not sure how many times it will take me before I learn. However, I did realize what I had done and I corrected it... just be ready to turn your neck!

You can't see the rocket... I couldn't find it in the sky, but I did love that Syrah was there to watch her and that once Sadie caught her rocket she went right over to hug her little sister!

Sadie and her rocket. One thing I really liked about this was that every kid clapped and cheered for every rocket! Some kids were able to catch theirs, others were not. Some of the parachutes deployed (which they packed themselves) and some did not, but regardless, there was always encouragement from the other kids! What a fun event and I look forward to watching Syrah's in 5 years!!


Caceres Family said...

That was super! Thanks for the neck warning, lol. LOVED the girls hugging :-)

Mama Val said...

Wow Sadie, that was fantastic! I loved watching and listening to the video, lots of ahhhhhs. When are you going to do this again? lol.