Thursday, June 18, 2009

Field Day(s) & other things...

The last two days the kids have had field day at school. On Tuesday, for Syrah's field day I was able to be there for all the morning activities and it was so fun. Wednesday I came for a bit to watch Sadie run as this is one of (if not the only) time Sadie has participated in field day and been excited to RUN (this had to tell you something about how well she is doing right now).

Each field day consists of most of the same activities, races (50 meter, 100 meter, three legged, marathon, sack, relay, etc). The in the afternoon they rotate through stations of other activities where they play group games like shark and lifeguard, hula hoops, etc... super fun stuff.

Here is Syrah lined up to start the sack race. The smile on her face continued all the way through the finish line.

Syrah running in the relay race!

Sadie at the line up for one of her races! In practices she has been coming within the first three to cross the line... this is pretty amazing!!!

Sadie at the end of the 100 meter!
What I really liked best about field day is that they do not hand out ribbons for 1st, 2nd or 3rd... there isn't even any announcing who placed what. The event is to be fun and for everyone to participate to the level they were at! I was so impressed to see lines of kids cheering each other on both in their own classes and the classes below and above them. It really reminded me how blessed we are to be at this school.

In other things - Sadie has her last art day in class last week and they made these clocks from old records! I thought it was such a fun idea and Sadie used the theme of frogs. Unfortunately, the ticking is a little loud and this clock thought it had a good home over her door, but it may have to find a place that is less disruptive.

Syrah had her first tooth pulled! She had a stubborn baby tooth that she has been wiggling for what feels like forever (at least 3 months) and it just wasn't budging so, yesterday within just moments, the dentist pulled it right out. The first thing Syrah said "can I go back to school, I don't want to miss science".

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