Friday, June 12, 2009

Spring Concert and Band Concert

One thing I love about blogging is that it gives family and friends who either couldn't' attend or are too far in distance to actually be a part of things a chance to see happening in our lives. This last week the girls both were involved in their school's Spring Concert. The theme was "lighten up" and they accomplished the theme it was super fun and filled with fun songs that made us laugh. This was the first and only time the Kindergartners preformed with the big kids and that was so fun for them!

Here is Syrah and her class singing one of their songs:
They did a second song: A Spoon Full of Sugar and after the song the spoons keep the kids busy... almost all of them kept the spoons in their mouths... pretty cute!

Sadie's class had a few songs, I didn't have the camera at this point, so there is no video to share. As you can see - Sadie lightened up...she was giggling tons through the songs which involved one song of silly noises!

A few days later the 5th and 6th graders had their band concert. I did capture a few videos (sorry they are a tad all over).
I could not get many good pictures at all and could not get the red eye out of this one - yikes!
All and all the year end events are super fun! This next week for the kids is their final week; hard to believe they will be heading to 1st and 6th grade! Where does the time go? This year was faced with many firsts for all of us, but we know God put is in the situation to attend an amazing school, to meet many new people and to experience many new things this year. We give Him all the Glory for this amazing year!

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Mama Val said...

I'm glad that you were able to get a couple videos of the girls in action. I love to watch them enjoying their talents. (I know how much Sadie loves to play the clarinet, lol)! Great shows!