Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Field trip to The Museum of Flight

Yesterday Bill was able to take the day off work and go on a field trip with Sadie's class to The Museum of Flight in Seattle. The kids spent the entire day there and both said there was even more to see and they would both love to go back!

One of the many things the kids got to do (which they have been preparing for in the class room) is work at the Challenger Learning Center which allows the kids to have hands on experience in a space mission. The kids jobs in the mission were all ready determined based on the applications they submitted prior to the trip.

The kids get to see what it is like (with their roles) within the space station and within mission control. Usually they do not allow more than the teacher in with the students for this activity (which is almost 2 hours of the day), but yesterday they did allow a few other parents to come in and act like the wall which gave Bill the chance to capture some great pictures! Sadie's primary role was in communication and all income and outgoing messages had to be screened by her and then determined to which department they had to be given too. Mrs. Klien shared that in her first years of doing this there was no "forward" button for this job, but that each and every message had to be printed and ran to the proper department.

Some other things the kids were able to do was to tour the now retired Concorde an aircraft capable of flying two times the speed of sound. The kids also were able to do some flight simulations and tour Air Force One.

I know Bill and Sadie look forward to going back and I look forward to going one day.

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Caceres Family said...

We love the Flight Museum, think it has been about a year and a half since we were there...hint, hint. Fun pictures of Sadie! Glad Billy could go,looks like they had great time.