Monday, June 15, 2009


Last weekend our family was able to go on a long awaited hike. Long awaited because we haven't gone hiking in quite some time in concern that Sadie would struggle. However, Sadie has been doing amazing health wise and feeling better than ever! We have been taking long walks and generally have been more active working up to the thought of a hike. We decided to go to Meadowdale Beach Park. The park was closed last year due to a large part of the trail being washed away.

Here the girls are with an amazing tree! I could take tree shots all day and this one was a great one for climbing!

The girls found many interesting bugs and birds on the walk.

This is a section of the "new" trail. I was quite amazed at how much work had to be done to re-route an entire section. We actually got to talk to the rangers wife (they live at the bottom of this trail, just yards from the beach entrance) and she told us the entire process of getting the trail ready for foot traffic again! It sounded like pain staking labor!!

Once you get to the bottom of the trail you come to a big open picnic area. At the end of that open picnic area is this little tunnel that leads you to the beach.

We had a great time a the beach, there were very few people there and the tide was quite a ways out when we arrived.

The beach portion goes on for miles in either direction that you can walk and explore. We had the presence of a blue heron and we found more crabs, hermits, sea snails and other sea life then possible to count!

Ava had an exciting time with this little crab. (No animal nor crab was hurt in the making of this film).

After our time at the beach we went back to the picnic area for a nice lunch together. Sadie finished her lunch and sketched some of the day.

We had a great hike and look forward to being able to do more over the summer!


Lauren said...

You stinkers! You were down the street from us and didn't come say hi!? We would have walked down to join you (via the handicapped enterance)!

Caceres Family said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. The pictures are great! The best part of all is Sadie doing so remarakably well~Praise The Lord!

Mama Val said...

Looks like a fun day. Ava must have been tuckered out by the time you all got home. I'm glad that little crab didn't give Ava a little pinch!.