Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day

This morning we woke up to the snow we had been waiting for yesterday. The girls were very excited and so I thought it would be fun to document our snow day!

This is what we saw when we walked out the front door, it was beautiful!

This is the start of our igloo that was an all day project.
Girls working on the foundation of the igloo

pile of clothes #1 drying by the fire

What do you do after hours of playing in the snow? Play games, drink hot cocoa and wait for the coffee cake to come out of the oven!

After coffee cake we made these felt ornaments! Syrah and her creation.

Sadie and her ornament!

The creations found a perfect spot in the house!

Then back outside for more snow fun!

pile of clothes #2 drying by the fire.

Sadie then finished up a project for school (even though they aren't' going back until next year)!

And some pumpkin bread was baked!

When daddy came home we took a walk up to the store!

Then we worked on completing the igloo!!! Tomorrow it will get a roof!

pile of clothes #3 drying by the fire.

After dinner the girls made chocolate covered pretzels.

Sadie made white chocolate!

Syrah made dark chocolate!

And I made chocolate covered candy canes; perfect addition to a cup of hot cocoa or coffee!!

Looks like we are in for another snow day tomorrow!!

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caceres family said...

What a perfect day!!
Sadie and Syrah the igloo is AWESOME!! We wish we could see it and you,in person.
Love you guys,
Katrina, Michael, Samuel and Micah