Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happenings in our small piece of the world...

This year we participated in the Jingle Bell Walk for the fourth year, by far this was the coldest year we have experienced and with weather that carried a warning of “don’t leave your home unless you need too” many of our team was with us in spirit this year. However, those who braved the weather and came out to walk with us had a great time. The general crowed seemed to be smaller this year and the first half of the walk was intensely cold, but the further we got the more we warmed up!

Sadie & Syrah early in the morning day of JBR 08'

Part of Team Sadie's Star's before we bundled up for the walk!

Here is a bit more of our team, now all bundled up and ready to go... if only you could see the many there in spirit that day!!!
The hats that Sadie, Syrah and I are wearing were made by our dear friend Samuel; check out his site at Etsy where you can purchase his hand made creations!!

Syrah walked the entire walk by herself (first year w/out a stroller) and Sadie walked the ENTIRE walk. We stayed in the back of the pack, but it was quite an accomplishment for her considering this is the first time she has been able to complete the walk.

After the walk we took a few moments to enjoy the downtown carousel with her cousin Carissa who has been doing the walk with us each year! We also enjoyed some free hot cocoa from Starbucks!!

When we got home we had fresh snow and the kids could not wait to play. Since we were all bundled up from the walk we added some snow gear over our layers and the kids played and played.

Syrah in the snow.

Sadie with the start of a snow man!

Sadie and Daddy working to keep the snow man together.

They made this snowman and over dinner we can view it from the window… we each predicted how long it would stay around. Syrah and I both said until Christmas, Sadie said until New Years and Billy said it would stick around for 1 week… so we will see.

As we approach Christmas, my prayer is that this time of year will be a reflection of the gift of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I pray that each one us finds renewal in our hearts and that our lives will be transformed by Him in order to do His will.

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Emily said...

So sorry I missed this year's JBR. My family agreed with you on it being the coldest yet! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Happy New Year!