Sunday, December 21, 2008

Welcome Winter???

I wish that I could say my welcome was with joy and happiness, but at this point, it is with reservation and concerns! With the first day of winter upon us today and with a blanket of winter here before the day officially arrived, we were not so excited to see another 6-8 inches today! I truly do not feel the pictures do this story justice. What I do know... everyone that lives in Seattle and the surrounding areas all ready have a memorable winter for 2008!
This is our bird house; with the slope and the wind, this isn't all we have seen, but a great picture!
With the snow drift you can see that our porch is now level with our lawn... there were two steps down!

With many people taking snow days last week and with many who have obligations; I know tomorrow will be a long day for those in the area. Please be safe, keep warm and try (even if it is getting a tad old) to enjoy the beauty of it... hopefully it will be a memory soon.

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