Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Once every five years...

Last weekend my grandma, mom and our family all had a huge garage sale! We have been storing stuff up well before our move in March and taking loads over to Grandma's house (she has been so kind to give up her garage). It was a lot of work, marking, sorting, organizing and setting up, but we all had a successful weekend.

We had her entire driveway, landing strips and yard covered.

My brother and his wife came to help set up and tear down on Sunday. My cousin Zachary surprised us and showed up Saturday afternoon to help and we didn't even know he was coming - it was so great to have all of their help!

It was fun for the girls to be able to get ride of some of the stuff they don't use anymore and they both made some spending money for Hawaii.
Day two it rained pretty good before we set up, but the weather held out all day and everything that was left was hauled off to the goodwill - that was probably the best part - it went to a good place and it didn't come home with us!!

We meet some some really nice people and it was really fun to spend some time with my Grandma and Mom.

I say every five years because garage sales are a ton of work and my grandma does this every year (with a bunch of friends); we will see if it really is five years before we do this again!!

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