Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Special Bird House

Several years ago I told my Grandpa Steve how much I liked the two bird houses he had in his back yard; they were so unique and they always seemed to occupy a family of birds. He told me that he made them himself and although I knew he was a talanted artist; I had no idea he also had the talent of creating and building all kinds of fun projects, including the bird houses. Shortly after that time, he made one for us and we promptly found the perfect place for it and it became the home to a family of birds within a week. When we left that home there was no way I could leave it behind and it was winter and the birds were no longer there; so we took it down. For the last several years, we have had no place to hang it, but with our new home it has been on the top of my list. Last week, Billy took the old nest out (which was quite the creation) and hung the birdhouse for me. I am so pleased and hopefully (maybe not this year since it is late in the season) will be watching some birds find this as thier home. I wish my Grandpa was here to see it hanging outside our first home.

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