Thursday, July 31, 2008

All geared up...

So Syrah was referred to the Orthodontist some time ago because she has a pretty significant under bite. After reviewing Syrah's bite and xrays and consulting with her dentist; they decided that due to the fact under bite was getting worse quickly; it was time to act. Syrah will have headgear (which she will wear mostly at night) and will have an expander; this process should last about a year.

Syrah started a few weeks ago with getting expander to make some extra room in her mouth for the equipment that was installed today (who says this about someones mouth??).

This is what was put in her mouth today - each day we use a special key to turn the expander!
Side view of the head gear the rubber bands attach to the large piece of metal in her mouth (see above!).
Other then the fact that she is having to learn how to talk with all that in her mouth; you would hardly know that it was in her mouth!!
Phase two is expected to start in five to sever years!

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