Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quite is Good

We haven’t been up to much, hence the lack of photos! Last week we really enjoyed the fact that Sadie had a little more time home from school and in that also went to a few appointments. Saturday we had lunch with some family we haven't visted with in a long time and then we went to Billy's aunts house and enjoyed some time with family that we don’t' often get the opportunity to spend much time with. Sunday we had a day of hanging out with friends; it was really a laid back, relaxing and much needed day before we got back into the swing. Sadie had some great updates medically (see her site if interested) and is getting back into the swing of the school routine. Syrah is doing well, bummed that her sister is back at school; she misses her during the day. Billy finished up all his work on the Suncadia job and is now getting all geared up for his next assignment in Seattle (yeah, local!). I have been kinda re-battling some health stuff, but think I am on the mend and looking forward to being at full speed by the weekend.

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