Friday, January 11, 2008

A day at work for Syrah...

Friday's my mom comes out during the afternoon to watch the girls while I work; unfortunatly my mom was feeling very sick today so she couldn't come out. Syrah was very upset because she really enjoys her time with Grandma, but when I told her she could come to work with me she was very excited. So, Syrah and I packed a bag of stuff to do and went to the office while Sadie was at school. Syrah was great, most people didn't even know she was there! She made a little place under part of my desk and had the entire set up. She watched Jonah and colored and played games; we went to lunch together and she had a great time. It was really nice having her there.

Here is Syrah's set up; there were several times people came to talk to me and were surprised she was even there!

She colored me some new pictures for my walls too.
We had a nice day, but hope that Grandma feels better soon - she was missed today.
Feel better soon Mom!!

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