Monday, December 14, 2009

Things going on...

Here is a quick snapshot of the happenings in our world over the last week or so...

The girls had a winter concert for their school.

Syrah's class performing one of the many songs....

Sadie's class preforming... much harder to capture on video (we were pretty far away from where they were and I will spare you the zooming in and out and many heads that pop in and out of the picture).

We celebrated Billy's birthday. Sadie is to the age where she has been creating gifts for loved ones all on her own... she was very excited to give her gift to daddy!

Some dear friends gave Billy a gift card to go to dinner, so we all went to PF Chang's - the girls LOVED it and it was a fun night together! What a treat!!
The cold weather never agrees with Sadie's hands. Each year she gets chapped from the cold and this year it seems to have gotten a little out of control!

Saturday we were able to make it to see Samuel's piano recital. He did an awesome job and it was a really fun to see him. He is an amazing pianist. Here he is with his mama!

Sadie has been super busy creating some holiday gifts. This is a big year for her... sewing gifts all on her own!

Each night the girls read from the new advent calendar we got from our friends in Medford, the Laws.

This is what the advent looks like; each day is a piece of the story leading to Jesus birth.

The story's are intended to hang on your tree, but we just haven't had the room, so we have been placing the read stories on the mantel with our nativities.

Sunday was Jingle Bell 2009; you can see more pictures at Sadie's site!

After Jingle Bell the girls always ride the carousel with their cousin Carissa (not sure how she isn't in this shot!).

After the carousel we meet up with my dad and Kelly who were down town doing some shopping. We had a good lunch with them and then we headed on the westlake balcony to see a view of the Christmas tree and the streets below!

We ran down to get a cup of hot cocoa. This picture makes me smile... my girls were goofing around with each other and making each other laugh. Love those moments.

On our way out of the city we decided to add in one last treat and that was a trip back and fourth on the monorail. It has been years since we have been on there (I don't think Syrah even remembers). The girls were able to sit in the very front seat. It was a great way to end the morning!

In all of Sadie's sewing projects she surprised her sister by making this special little pouch for her animal!

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Caceres Family~ said...

LOVE all the pictures and update! It is so much fun to see what you have been up to.