Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankful for family....

Each year for Thanksgiving (we think this is our 7th year) we take a road trip to Southern Oregon to where Bill's family is for Thanksgiving. This year we left Tuesday afternoon for the 8 hour drive and arrived in time to tuck the kids into bed.

Wednesday we headed right over to Uncle Jake & Aunt Jaime's house to hang out with them and the cousins!

Uncle Jake took the kids out for a ride around the neighborhood (and into the hills that overlook Medford) in their rhino. I don't really need to tell you that they loved it!!

It was awesome to get to spend some time with Jeremiah, we are always happy for each moment we get with him. Here's a great shot of all the kids lined up!!

Love this picture of Syrah!

Before we arrived we taught Sadie how to play the card game "13" which has become a family tradition anytime we hang out with family. Here is Sadie holding her cards at her official first game!

Monkey see - Monkey do! Grandpa Bill and Sadie

Syrah and her cousin Koen

Just love this picture of me and McKayla... she made me laugh and smile so much!!

Sadie & her Auntie Jaime on Thanksgiving! Jaime did an awesome job with Thanksgiving dinner... Thank you Jaime!!

Grandma Cindy and the girls... Grandma made the girls the aprons they are wearing and had a special day planned out for them. She is always so thoughtful when it comes to her time with the girls!! She also is a great hostess for us as we stayed with them for this trip! Thank you Bill & Cindy!!

Syrah baking cookies with Grandma Cindy

Sadie doing a little scrap booking with Grandma Cindy.

The kids... Jeremiah, Sadie & Syrah at Grandma Mary Lou's house.

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and found many things to be grateful for!

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Caceres Family~ said...

Loved seeing your pictures from Medford! Looks like you all had a great time, glad your home though!