Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us!

I feel so unworthy of the Love that is given to me by this man:
He has patience with me when I don’t have patience for anything.
He loves me past all my garbage.
He looks past the outside to see my heart.
He holds me when things are dark.
He puts me before himself.
He fathers our girls selflessly.
He strives to always be his best.
He admits his failures and uses those times a tools for the future.
He still looks at me the way he did when we met (except he knows my faults now).
He pushes me when I can’t push myself.
He encourages and challenges me to be ALL I am called to be.
He accepts and loves that I am not perfect.
He LOVES me unconditionally!


Lauren said...

Happy anniversary y'all! I hope you have a wonderful day full of love and lots of kisses. :)

Caceres Family~ said...

Happy Anniversary!! We love you guys so much and are blessed to have you in our lives. Looking forward to growing old with you guys!!!!