Sunday, November 1, 2009

I got mail...

I was SO excited on Saturday when our mail arrived; I got a package and I knew just what it was!!

It was coffee!!! Anyone who knows anything about me knows I LOVE a good cup of coffee!

But this coffee is MORE than just a good cup of coffee... this coffee also supports and amazing cause!

Just Love Coffee is helping bring together orphaned children and their forever families. Not only do they assure that the coffee is purchased under fair conditions (Fair Trade Coffee), but they are also allowing families in the process of adopting a way to help raise money for the extreme cost that can go into the adoption process.

Our dear friends the Caceres Family have had it laid heavy on their hearts that adopting is what God is calling them to do. This process is long, sometimes overwhelming, but a great joy is brought forward in their obedience to the Lord and the excitement is building to meet their newest child whom God will provide. The financial cost to adopt is pretty amazing, I am sure there are many who have looked at the overall numbers and decided it wasn't the choice for them, but Just Love Coffee has seen the need in helping families with the process by finding a way to make fundraising available.

If you happen to purchase a bag of coffee at your local coffee shop, grocery store or online; I would ask that you consider making this purchase through Just Love Coffee to support the Caceres's Family in this very exciting process. You can purchase one bag or two or put yourself on an automatic monthly order. You can do something to help give a child a home... you can make a difference. Please visit the Caceres's path to adoption page to read more about this process and what God is doing in their lives!

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