Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where did August go???

I don't know how I can have a calendar that looks like this:

yet have so few pictures to share. I missed so many photo's and events this month: family gatherings (both sides of our families), my Mom's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM), a garage sale with some awesomely fun friends and with all that written on the calendar there is more I am sure I missed too!

This summer was a summer that taught the lesson in the saying "the best laid plans..." (which the meaning of the phrase itself it quite interesting - you can read it here), but we adapted to lots of change and most of all enjoyed all of the moments we shared with each-other and others.

One big event missed this summer was the visit we had with Grandpa Bill & Grandma Cindy who stayed with us for a few days and took the girls one day on quite the adventure. The girls painted pottery (well, Grandpa and Syrah did Sadie made some amazing art out of glass). Then they went fishing for the very first time. At the start of summer the girls made a list of things they wanted to do this summer and "fishing with Grandpa Bill" was on this list... well, now they get to check that one off:

Here they are before the fishing fun started (thanks to Grandpa for taking this picture with his phone).

Syrah snagged a BIG fish; so much so that Grandpa had to take over cause the fish was pulling on her so hard. Unfortunately the line eventually got stuck on a log, so they never got to see how big it was, but Syrah is still pretty excited about it!!

We had plans to go to the Aquasox (minor league baseball and a ton of fun) this summer, but it never happened (even with tickets in hand). However, we didn't have plans to go to the Mariner's Game and that did happen:

It's been a long time since the girls have gone and they were both excited, not to mention the seats we were given (Thanks to Uncle Daren) were awesome!!

Serious HOT DOG! wow!

With the end of summer come fall soccer; practices started a few weeks ago:

Team meeting with the coach!

All kids are ready for drills!

Syrah taking a break after a long practice.
I had a goal to get our Disneyland scrapbooks done (each girl is making her own) before summer was over...

yes, that says 2007! We made it about half way through, so this goal won't be met, but we will get them done in due time (whatever that means).

So as we turn the page to September this week, we say goodbye to summer!

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