Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A trip to the farm...

In July our family didn't have a ton of family time together so we escaped for a day to do something really special together. We went to the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, WA. I remember going to the game farm when I was the girls age and Bill and I have gone twice; once when Sadie was really little and once when Syrah was just a baby (she doesn't remember).

We took the ferry over in the morning (which again is a special treat because ferry rates anymore are crazy!)

Here are the girls on the top deck - all smiles as we go for our adventure!

It took quite a while to get there, but the scenery was beautiful; both girls feel asleep on the way there and Sadie woke up just in time to get a glimpse a road sign directing us to the Farm.

Our "adventure" was a surprise to them and so they were both overjoyed to find out where we were!

The Olympic Game Farm is a drive through farm that was founded as a rescue safe haven for old film animals; to read more about the history of this farm click here. Originally it was mostly circus bears and large cats that were featured in movies or on tv. Now however it is a rescue for all kinds of animals and also a buffalo farm.

The unique part of this farm is the hands on ability to feed the animals, the lamas, zebras, buffalo and Elk that roam the farm all know it is feeding time when the cars come through.

This is Sadie hesitantly feeding a yak... they have the worst breath ever!

This is a old film star, do you recognize him? There are several bears on the properly and although they are fenced in they will are willing to wave or stand up in order for you to throw them some bread.

Pictures were a bit hard as you can imagine, but here is a large female Elk getting a treat from Syrah.

And the buffalo - I have a lot of pictures that look just like this!

Had to share the photo of the Elk and the girls... the Elk actually get pretty aggressive (not in a mean way, but I want some food way and they are HUGE!).

We had a great day and lots of laughs, you can tell that economically this Farm is not the same as it use to be, but they are still rescuing and doing what they can. Just last March they took in a bear cub that had been separated and unsuccessful reunited with it's mother. The hope is to get it strong enough to release back into the wild.

On our way home we stopped at a little shop on the side of an undeveloped road where they had converted old train cars into an ice cream shop!

Enjoying some ice cream!

Here are the girls standing in one of the old cars.

Hope you can visit the Olympic Game Farm sometime too!

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Caceres Family said...

looks like you had a fantastic time! We have always wanted to go there, hopefully we will make it soon. just love the picture of the girls with the elk half way inside the car :-)
love you guys,
caceres family