Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Quilts...

For months now (probably a year from my Grandma's perspective) my Grandma Hopper has been planning a Quilting weekend with the youngest girl grand kids (she has had a few years of quilting weekends with the older girl grand kids). So the first weekend I was away helping my other Grandma in the hospital, the girls went off for a quilting weekend. I know very little about quilting, but I have made a small pre-cut kit quilt with Sadie once and therefore I have a small appreciation for the hard work involved in putting together a quilt. I have a HUGE appreciation for the work Grandma put into this weekend and making it not only a learning experience for the kids, but also a fun time!

Grandma had 3 stations set up, one station per kiddo (Sadie, Kate & Syrah).

Sadie at her station working on her first block

Grandma observing Syrah's sewing skills.

Sadie cutting

As they finished a block they hung it on the wall to see their progress and to lay out the plan as to where they would all go. This were Sadie's completed blocks.

Syrah's completed blocks.

Kate & Sadie

The completed blocks growing (Syrah's blocks)

Sadie's all stitched together!

Sadie & Syrah ready for bed after a long day of sewing!

Good Morning - back to work!

Sadie pinning her quilt with the help of Grandma and Aunt Cindy.

A look at Sadie's machine.

The quilts are 95% done, but the way the quilting weekends go, you are done when you are done, so they pack them up and wait until next year to finish (YES... they wait an entire year!!).

Grandma waiving goodbye and Grandpa seeing the girls off!

I was so grateful to Sadie for capturing so many pictures so I could see what they did over the weekend and for the help of their cousin Nicole who helped capture pictures and as a vetran quilter helped them with their quilts.

A BIG THANK YOU to Grandma Hopper for having the girls over to make their first quilts!!

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Caceres Family said...

WOW! Sadie and Syrah, your quilts are beautiful, and it sounds like you had a great time!