Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Update

I am so excited about the first part of this blog. For my birthday, my Dad and Kelly got me a cookbook. It was a good book, but had a lot to do with the history of why we eat the foods we eat and less recipes. So, I exchanged it (with their blessing) and got this amazing cook book!

Do you see that???? 1,400 recipes!!!! I am thrilled about this and the best part is that every one I read before selecting this was fairly easy (not like one of those cook books that I thing "hmmmm, I don't' know where I would buy that ingredient).

Every single page has FIVE recipes... I can not wait to start trying these out!

This morning our entire family slept in and when we woke up we found this...

More SNOW!!
In the morning is wasn't sticking to the roads, but before long we had this...
This is a MAJOR road and to not see anyone there at 10:00 seemed itself weird. Especially since after all the snow we have had people should be use to driving in it! The good news... it was GONE by the afternoon. I surely am excited for 4:44 on Friday morning, the start of SPRING!

For Christmas the girls Grandma gave them both tickets to see the Lion King.

Today was the day of the show and both girls were very excited. Sadie had seen the show about 2 years ago when it came to town, but this was the first time for Syrah.

The Lion King Group: Syrah, Great-Grandma Connie, Cousin Jesse, Sadie & Grandma Valerie

Bill and I had the afternoon together - we had a nice lunch together, ran some errands and took a nice walk. Although we missed the girls, it was nice to spend the afternoon with my man!

Warning: I usually make fun of people who take things as follows to this extreme, but here I am... that person.

We have had Ava for a two and a half weeks and today was her first birthday. Ava is a very good dog and we were excited to be able to celebrate the gift of having her in our lives.

There are four cupcakes from our fav cupcake place: Cupcake Royal and the one in the front is a doggy cupcake from Muddy Paws. We thought it was a cute little treat for her birthday.

As you can see Ava enjoyed her treat - she gobbled this down in NO time!!!

We hope all who are reading this had a great week. May the week ahead be filled with God's blessings!

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Caceres Family said...

the girls look beautiful! i am glad to hear they had fun. ok so i have to have some of the new receipes!!!! hint hint :-) sounds like a great weekend!i am all for the cupcake but if ava starts wearing dresses i might poke i will :-) thinking about you guys lots!!