Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Catching up

We have had a busy week since Ava arrived, but she is adjusting well, the cat is adjusting and everyone is settling into a routine!

So, lets get through last week first and then go from there. Wednesday Sadie started a second session of Art class; due to some of the medical stuff going on she missed a few weeks in the last session, but she is excited that she was invited to attend again. I wanted to share one of her pieces from last session.
This is a still life and was drawn with chalk.

Last Thursday was Syrah's first Kindergarten concert. I took a good balance of pictures to video, but picking one song to share it hard.

Syrah on stage before the performance started.

Do I post the video of one of the cutest songs or the one where when we watched it we realized Syrah and her friend Lexi kept holding hands (which we didn't notice during the concert).

In the end I choose the one where Syrah and Lexi kept holding hands... it is a super cute song too. The kids sang about 9 songs which was a lot to remember for those little ones and they all did a great job!

Of course with the addition of Ava to the family we have to share a picture of her week here:

Ava all tuckered out. No pictures of Ava and Molly together just yet, but we are approaching the days of them having a lifelong friendship.

We have had some questions on details about Ava. Ava was in a home situation where their dynamic changed and they could no longer care for her. She we be a year old on March 15th and she is part mini-pincher, schnauzer and chihuahua. The only chihuahua is her ears... she has a very spunky personality and is very well trained (all ready house broken, can sit, stay and sometimes lay-down). Billy has been working hard on getting her more lease trained - she pulls pretty good for such a tiny one, but all ready she is doing much better on the leash then when we first got her. Being that she is approaching her first birthday we must say she still has quite a bit of puppy in her, but it is fun that we get some puppy with the perks of a year old dog. The girls love her! Ava sleeps in Sadie's room and greets both girls with exuberant joy in the mornings. Ava and Molly have even been playing a bit here and there and are almost always in each others company (at a distance, Molly requests her space).

On Sunday Billy's Aunt Tracy came over with her family for dinner as payment to cut our hair (and it is super fun to catch up with her and her family!). The big surprise was that Syrah really wanted to cut her hair short... so we said sure.

Look at all the hair she is holding!

Syrah with her new hair cut!

And this only gets us through Sunday of last week. Since that time I celebrated a birthday, had a great lunch with my Dad, Kelly and my Grandma. Enjoyed a super fun, full of laughter dinner with my family, Mom, brother and Lauren.

We also had the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of our dear friends and amazing young man Micah.

Micah blowing out the candle!!! Happy Birthday Micah, we love you!

It has been a full few weeks! Thanks for letting us catch up!!

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