Sunday, October 12, 2008

Syrah's visits

No one under the age of 10 can visit Sadie; sadly this includes her sister. Syrah has made several waves from outside the window, but no matter which nurse, doctor or staff member I beg and plead with (which I have done several times); the answer remains no. So, yesterday Bill brought Syrah down and the three of us went for a bite and to walk around so that we could have some time together. (Sadie's Aunt Maria, cousins Jake & Nicole came and played games with her). While Syrah was waiting for the "transition", her and Bill walked around and took pictures with all of the "animals" in the hospital. Here are a few of my favorite shots:
I just have to make note to Syrah's bite... especially in the last picture you can really tell that her bite is changing!!
We really miss being all together as a family and are continually praying that this all goes as quickly as possible so that we can all be together again!

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