Monday, October 13, 2008

Puffy Hand!

Last night Sadie was having a lot of pain in her IV hand. The nurses realized her hand was getting pretty puffy and it was time to take that IV out and start a new line. After it was out - Sadie had about an hour of being "free" from tubes!! Here is a picture of her hand (no knuckles, no wrist!). The nurse said it will take about 2-3 days for the swelling to go down. All ready this morning you can tell she has a wrist (still no knuckles).


caceres family said...

Hi Sadie,
I hope you get well soon so you can get out of that hospital. i miss you and i am praying for you. oh yeah i found a giant spider i want to show you i named it spots.
from your friend samuel.

caceres family said...

Hi Sadie!!
We sure do love you! Hopefully you will be at full health as soon as possible. You are a brave and strong young lady! Love Mr. C.