Thursday, October 23, 2008

Prayers for my Grandpa (updated)

UPDATE 10/27/2008: Grandpa was moved out of ICU yesterday!!!!!! He is doing much better and appears to be on the road to recovery. For the first time he is being allowed a “clear liquid” diet and some of the many tubes have been removed. He does have one issue that needs to be monitored, but he is the care of good staff! Thank you for all who spent out prayers for him. Hopefully he can continue to get well so he can come home soon!
Grandma & Grandpa August 2008

My Grandpa Harold went into the hospital on Tuesday the 14th to have a minor operation on his heart. The operation was not successful and they told my grandparents that he would have to undergo open heart surgery the following day. This came as quite a surprise as a minor "cleaning of an artery" turned into triple bi-pass in a matter of hours. Grandpa underwent the bi pass on Wednesday and was recovering well. He had some bumps here and there in the road as many do after surgery. In the last few days he has hit some pretty big bumps that has put him back into ICU to be watch closely and a few more procedures have had to be done to help his body heal and help him feel better. I am asking for that you pray for his health and his spirit; that prayers go out to my grandma, his wife of 52 years who obviously is concerned for him and who could use her own spirits lifted. Also, prayer for all their kids (all my aunts and uncles); they all have been down with him over the last week+ and generally hospitals and the stress of all the ups and downs take their toll. Please keep them, especially him and his doctors in your prayers... thank you!!

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caceres family said...

We are continuing to pray for him, and all of your family. Hoping to hear good news today!