Monday, October 27, 2008

Final Soccer Game and Party

Syrah’s Soccer team, the Green Sharks, celebrated their successful season (meaning, they all learned more about the game and enjoyed their time playing) by having a celebration on Friday night. The kids each got trophies… Syrah is very proud of hers. They had a great night celebrating their season.

Syrah had a really great time playing soccer and has a talent there we didn’t know was there before. Saturday afternoon was their last game. One of the highlights of the game was one of the team members came out of their shell big time and found their inner soccer star – he made about 10 goals… it was amazing!!!

Syrah made her final goal!! You can’t see Syrah (promise she is there), but you can see the ball going through the goal and catch a small glimpse of her green shirt behind the other team.

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