Sunday, October 19, 2008

~~Our 100th Post~~

So I was informed there is a blogging tradition with your 100th post that you are to share 10 things about yourself. Well, this 100th post crept up on us the last week or two, but we have been talking as a family about things we would like to share:

Our family:
~We strive daily to live a life that is Christ centered; each day is a process to walk on the path He has laid before us and to strive to give all glory to Him
~We love family time: time with family and friends and each-other.
~Our family enjoys family games, current favorites: Whoonu, Uno, Blokus & Ruckus.
~We swam with dolphins this summer!
~Our family loves the outdoors, be it in friends/families yards, hiking, being at the park or taking walks.
~We have a cat named Molly.
~We are first time homeowners as of this year.
~Favorite family dessert is brownies!!! yummy
~We take an annual trip to Medford each Thanksgiving.
~Our family eats dinner together at the table each night.

~Loves Baseball (all baseball, but is a true M's fan).
~Lived in Sacramento, California for a few months.
~Is afraid of heights.
~Loves pugs and wants to make this our next family dog (long time from now).
~Favorite card game is 13.
~Has driven across the country.
~Had a mullet (business in front, party in back).
~Loves old cars especially old Volkswagen's (has owned four and hopes to own another someday).
~Has been to Mexico and Canada.
~Took psychology in college.

~LOVE her life... love being a wife and mommy!
~Likes tattoos and wishes she had more.
~Wanted to be a lawyer (took some classes in college) when she grew up.
~Rarely cries!
~God stopped her in her tracks in 1997 - He is good!
~Would love to take photography classes.
~Forgets movies easily (even really good ones; except I am Legend which is sadly burned into her memory).
~Misses having a dog (still miss Holly's companionship).
~Busyness is a constant obstacle and keeping life day by day is a daily work (pun intended).
~Total Rock-Star (yes, I am just that good).

~Loves to go on family vacations.
~Enjoys board games.
~Has a huge love for animals (especially dolphins, monkey's, pandas and dogs).
~Likes chicken fried steak, macaroni and cheese and tuna fish casserole (not all together).
~Enjoys building things with legos and clay.
~Loves art.
~Wants to own a doggy day-care when she grows up (has a huge plan in place all ready).
~Enjoys reading (read over 60 books this summer).
~Wants to travel to Paris.
~Her favorite color is green (any shade).

~Likes to be silly.
~Enjoys playing soccer.
~Loves to play on monkey bars (had calluses to prove it).
~Loves her family!
~Wants to visit the moon.
~Sleeps in a loft bed.
~Likes to paint or draw alligators and mice.
~Has a huge collection of build-a-bears.
~Her favorite color is every shade of yellow.
~Loves pickles (ate a 1lb pickle in Disenyland -not really sure the weight, but it was HUGE)!!!

Thanks for letting us share a little more about us!

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caceres family said...

That was super fun! So glad you did not make us wait long for the
100th was great learning more about your family. Ah,no picture of Billy's mullet? That would be AWESOME :-) Paris???? After another Disneyland trip???? We want to see Monets home/garden outside of Paris!! Lets go...We'll start saving our pennies