Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to our baby girl

This day six years ago at 1:44 in the afternoon we were blessed with the arrival of our beautiful baby girl Syrah. Syrah has brought so much joy in to our lives, she truly is a gift from God who brightens our days and makes our world a more beautiful place.

Syrah at 1 month

Syrah's first birthday!
Syrah's sixth birthday!

Syrah is full of energy, happiness, love, care, intelligence, compassion and gentleness. She always has questions about the world around her and wants to know the reason why things work the way they do. She loves to read, color, play games and be silly. She is a great little sister and no matter how many birthdays she has she will always be our baby girl.

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caceres family said...

We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating a very special YOU!!!
We love you,
Mr. & Mrs. Caceres, Samuel & Micah