Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A special visit...

Grandpa Bill and Grandma Cindy came to visit us this last weekend; it has been quite some time since we got to see them and the girls were thrilled to get time with them. We too had a really fun time catching up with them and playing our favorite card game 13!!

Saturday we went down to the Aquarium... although it was a cooler day, it was still clear enough to see some sights.

I haven't been to the Aquarium since the remodeled; it was amazing... they have several hands on areas where you can touch all kinds of sea life.

They also have a great viewing of a huge octopus... I could have watched it for hours; they are pretty incredible creatures and they are so graceful!

Grandpa Bill lifting Syrah closer to the salmon.

On the way back to the car we walked through part of Pike Place and the girls got a small crate of Raspberry's for a snack!!!

We had a really great time and look forward to seeing them again soon. We also had Uncle Jake come stay with us for a few days the weekend before... we didn't manage to get the camera out though (see, not just slacking on the blog!), but we hope he will be able to stay with us again soon so we can catch some more of the good times we have with him!

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