Thursday, April 10, 2008

Catching Up

It feels like the last few weeks has gone by so fast - we have been so busy with the move, painting the new place and with cleaning the old place up in order for it to be ready to serve the purpose of home for another family. Here are some of the pictures from our last few weeks!

On March 28th we got our keys to our new home!
On March 29th we took a trip up to Suncadia for my Grandma's birthday.
Right after we got our rooms we went to the pool. We had SO MUCH FUN playing in the water and there are two very nice waterslides (a bit big for Syrah, but Sadie loved them - so did Billy, Eric and Lauren!)
That nigth we went to dinner with Grandma for her birthday!
I know this is a tad dark, but I love this picture! Syrah in the lobby with a beautiful view!
Sadie in the same window!
Before we went home the girls got in the pool again this time with out mom, here is daddy and his girls!
Uncle Eric and Billy were playing "throw Syrah" which she LOVED!
Monday morning, Billy was up and at the new place getting the paint started!
We stayed at the house for the first time on Sunday night and the girls slept in Sadie's room together! For a few days after there was more packing and moving and moving and painting and unpacking and moving going on.
Last Saturday we were able to celebrate Samuel's tenth birthday ~ we look forward to watching him grow into the man that God has planned him to be.

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