Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome Spring!!!

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I wanted to take a moment to enjoy the first signs of Spring I have noticed in my days.

Along my daily drive there are tons and tons of these blooming tree's. The girls and I marvel at them every day!! Love them!!

Reasons I love Spring:
~~~Sun peaking in through the blinds in the morning~~~

~~~Sound of birds welcoming the day. Something about listening to these birds makes me feel as if each day they start in song and song always makes me think of praise, great reminder to me each day to be thankful for the day behind and the day ahead~~~

~~~Smell of rain after a few dry days~~~

~~~Start of new life, the trees in bloom, the flowers pushing their way through the dirt~~~

~~~The smell of fresh cut grass (sorry for those of you who have allergies; I grew up with a major grass allergy, but have been blessed enough to grow out of this and now am grateful for this smell)~~~

~~~Capri pants, these are one of Sadie's favorite pants and she is always excited when she gets the okay to wear them again~~~

~~~Open windows, I love cracking the window open and getting some fresh air~~~

~~~Longer day light~~~

~~~Spring cleaning (which took on an entirely new meaning while packing)~~~

~~~Starting fresh… Spring always feels like a fresh start and ahead our family is looking forward to a "fresh start" in so many ways~~~

~~~Time in the park, this time of year we try to start spending more time at the park~~~

What are some of the reasons you love Spring?

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caceres family said...

We love Spring too and are enjoying all of your favorites about Spring! Love the pictures. Hope to answer your ? soon.....