Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happenings of the days...

Busy days we have had, but we have managed to have lots of fun and get in lots of family/friend time.
Last Thursday we had our friends the Ryan's over for dinner. After the kids played a bit they each made ice cream Sunday's (well, Sadie ate M&M's, but the rest enjoyed the ice cream).
Saturday Sadie participated in the AWANA games (AWANA is a church activity the girls have been participating in the last few years). Sadie was extremely grateful to be able to participate this year and she had a lot of fun!
Here is an action shot of Sadie during one of the competitions!
Saturday night, Billy and I were able to go out on a date with some friends. The food was awesome and we had a great time. (I even wore a dress!)
Sunday afternoon we went to Dad & Kelly's house for some wedding planning and some fun. They had given the girls each an Easter basket. Syrah has not let that bunny leave her site once since Sunday!!
Late Sunday afternoon as a treat, we all went to see Horton hears a Who. We went to a small theatre in Kirkland which was different and fun. The movie has a great message, but I would be cautious with little ears (they put a lot of "name calling" in the movie, not sure why they feel they need to do those things in "kids" movies).
Later I will update on what we have been doing in between all that fun!!

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