Thursday, April 21, 2011

rambling while I'm sleepy...

Have you ever been unable to sleep no matter the fact that you have been exhausted since the moment you woke the day before? What better to do then get on the computer and mindlessly hit the "next blog" button over and over and over....

Even better is to look at all the exciting things people post and realize that it is okay that things aren't exciting enough to post about.

This season is very odd... I have so much in my head it is hard to even think straight, but I am grateful. I am grateful that in all the noise that is mulling around that I am still in GREAT hands. With spring coming so late (has it really shown up yet?) I am reminded that sometimes to enjoy the sunshine... I mean to REALLY appreciate it, sometimes you have to come through a long stretch of storms (or in our case months and months or rain!).

I am working to truly appreciate the small things the Lord puts in front of me to remind me of all HE has brought me through and all HE is stirring in me now. It helps me trust in so many areas where I have no control (as if I have control in any area) that HE will provide, HE has a plan, HE first loved, HE is still present, HE always has been, HE understands, HE is teaching, HE is providing and HE alone is enough.

After months of silence, that is my rambling.

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Mrs. Jansson said...

I'm glad you're back! I've missed your blog!!