Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blogging on the back-burner

Why has the blogging been so sporadic? Here are some of the reasons:

Science Projects.

Lots of Smiling.

Sleepovers in Great places.

Several colorful Slurpee's.

Fighting water snakes.

Fairy-Tale wands.


Spa time filled with laughter.

Close calls.

Balancing acts.

Sometimes a fall.

Defeating dragons!

Great times at Great places.


Election posters were made.

Sisters loved.

Moms and...

Dads too!

Cousins came to play.

And we saw lots of new things.

We have monkeyed around.

And felt like we were in a jungle at times.

There has been climbing cousins.

And sliding cousins.

We have hung around.

And held together.

We've gotten dirty...

And enjoyed the view.

There has been holding hands.

We have visited high places (with cool people).

There has been kisses!

And pictures taken.

Given Science Presentations.

Speeches have been given.

Mother's have been celebrated.

Snacks have been eaten in odd places.

There has been sewing projects.

Parties have been planned and completed.

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