Saturday, January 30, 2010

closing out the first month of a new year...

It is hard to believe that January is all ready coming to a close. Many things took place this month, but mostly it was a quite month with lots of family time. Here is a glimpse of some of the things from our month:

A tooth was lost!

A room was painted (and a new painter was trained).

Projects were made!
(Sadie started a pottery class this month, more projects will be shared as she brings them home!)

Fern was held...

by both the girls!
Thanks Samuel for letting the girls hold your girl! They were delighted!

We continue to be encouraged by Pastor Matt's faith and we continue to pray for his healing and strength!

Hear an update from Pastor Matt:
Week 3: Video Update from Matt Chandler

We look forward to many fun updates to share in February. We hope that the first month of the new year has brought you much joy, healthy and happiness!

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