Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A day downtown...

Last Saturday we got to spend part of the day in downtown. The arthritis foundation was given some passes for a viewing of the movie Princess and the Frog before it opens later this week and we were grateful that they shared some of those passes with our family.

The girls didn't know what we were doing until we were searching for a parking spot. They were excited. It is a huge treat to go see a movie and one that isn't out yet was a treat too!

After the movie we went to the Sheraton Hotel to view the Gingerbread Village. These always amaze me and this year through the link above you can get a view into how they are created (clue... it takes patience!)

One of our family favorites was the Snoopy House! There is SO much detail and creativity into each one of these!

Family shot at the Gingerbread Village

One of my favorites was the Polar Express train mountain... inside the mountain was entire views from the movie!

Just had to show a close up of the snow man making a friend!

Downtown has TONS of these Nutcrackers and we captured many fun shots, but Syrah really liked this one and though of her friend Micah who enjoys collecting and viewing Nutcrackers!

It sure was a fun day downtown!

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