Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend fun

This last weekend we had such a great time enjoying the company of great people!

Saturday morning Sadie and I were invited to have breakfast with two of the most amazing teachers. Miss Black (3rd grade teacher) and Mrs. Klein (5th grade teacher). It was a totally special morning and we are so grateful for the time we had with them both!

Saturday afternoon we got to celebrate my sister-in-law, Lauren, birthday.

Here is Sadie with Eric and Lauren's dog Watson!

Watson gave Syrah a bath... Syrah loved it!!!

Happy Birthday Lauren, we are so glad that we had the opportunity to celebrate you!!

Saturday afternoon we went to Glazed and Amazed where you paint pottery. The girls both received gift cards for their birthday and were SUPER excited to go make a project.

"Should I do this one? Samuel would love it!" (Samuel is our dear friend who loves all things bugs, you can go to his site bugs blog and learn tons!)

Sadie truly had NO clue what to pick the options are endless!

Once they both found the perfect piece they started working away.

Sadie drawing out her design.

Syrah on her second coat!

Sunday we had a great day; after church we had some friends over for some good talks, good food and always laughs.

Today (Monday) Syrah celebrated the end of another soccer season. This is the last year with Coach Sheala and we will miss her. She has an amazing way with these kids and we are sad that next year Syrah won't be under her tutelage. Thank you Sheala!

Come back soon to see how the Glazed and Amazed projects turned out.

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Eric said...

I love that Sadie seems to be making a bulldog face in that picture with Watson!