Saturday, October 24, 2009

A visit with family...

Last weekend Billy's brother and his family made the long drive from Southern Oregon to come stay with us for the weekend. I haven't seen the kids since November of last year so I was amazed to see how much they have grown!!

Seriously McKayla is SO cute!!

My sister-in-law Jaime and her two kiddo's Koen (4) and McKayla (almost 2).

While they were here they were able to see one of Syrah's soccer games and we went to a small local pumpkin farm. I love this little farm because it is a true farm in the midst of the suburbs!
We were excited to see:

three day old piglets! They were so tiny and so cute. There was another set of piglets that were just a little over a month old and they were jumping and playing. Although the smell left much to be desired, it was sure fun to watch them!

Jake, Jaime, Koen & McKayla

They had a hay bin where the kids could search for coins and we were able to snap this quick shot off the four of them together!

Another exciting thing we saw was....
1 day old mice - I wish this picture did this justice... they were tiny (think smaller than the tip of your pinky).

McKayla found her pumpkin!

Might this be the one??? (Koen found one a tiny bit more his size later!)

Syrah found hers!!

Last, but not least, Sadie found her pumpkin!

Our annual picture at this farm (we have been coming here since Sadie was 1!)

McKayla & Syrah heading to bed!

Thank you Jake, Jaime, Koen and McKayla - we are so thankful we got some time with you, looking forward to seeing you for Thanksgiving.

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