Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy 12th Birthday Sadie

Happy Birthday Sadie!!!!

Sadie is celebrating her 12th birthday today! Sadie enjoys family, friends, reading, art, all animals, cooking and crafts.

Sadie is an amazingly bright girl, she is filled with courage and love. All those who know Sadie knows she gives the best hugs of all time. Sadie has a generous heart and seems to have a very keen intuition for those who are hurting or who have needs. In the last few years Sadie has found her personality and this girl can make me laugh. She is witty and quick! Sadie loves her family dearly and has a special gift with children.

A glance back to a few years back:

This little girl has grown into an amazing young lady. I thank the Lord each day for her and for the impact she has on our lives. She truly is an amazing gift!
Happy Birthday Sadie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Celebrations that took place today:
Sadie started her birthday with coffee cake, bacon and sausage! "Oh yeah"
Of course Sadie had to go to school today, but in celebration they gave her a half day!! (really, there is half days all week, but we will say it is for her birthday...hee hee)
Sadie has really wanted to go back to Rainforest Cafe; the last time we went was 2 years ago in Disneyland.

We were all lucky enough to be joined by our greatest friends the Caceres to celebrate the day (we missed Mr. Caceres though!!)

Cha Cha came to wish Sadie a happy birthday!
And to finish it off there was singing (she didn't even turn red!)

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WE love you Sadie!
Mr. and Mrs. Caceres, Samuel and Micah