Friday, September 11, 2009

Taking a trip... full of surprises

For many, many months my Grandma has been planning a family trip to Maui for all of us. At times we wondered if the trip was going to happen, but Grandma was insistent that this trip was very important to her and that she wanted to be on the beach!!! So, after many uncertainties, today we left for Maui. The fact we were even going was HUGE to us... what a great experience for our family as a unit and for all of our family together (my Grandma, Mom, Brother and Sister-in-Law). So, to find out that my grandma was flying us ALL first class was a HUGE surprise! I have never (and can't imagine again) flow in first class. Seriously, talk about feeling spoiled.

Another surprise... once we got off the plane there was a beautiful women waiting to give the girls leis - what a treat it was for them, she even knew their names!!

Here are the girls getting their leis.

The girls with Grandma Connie (I was NOT very ready with my camera so not the greatest shots).

Waiting for the luggage we got a shot with the girls and Grandma Valerie.

When we arrived at the resort Sadie went to take in the incredible view.

The girls found a good place for the leis overnight!

This is the view from our patio (All I keep thinking is... really? seriously? is this real? and then I go too "and he saw all and it was good"

To top the night off Billy and I had a super romantic dinner... it will blow your mind. So hold on...

yep, Captain Crunch!!!

It was a long day... up by 4am, 5+hr flight, long drive to resort, hours in the ocean... all lead to the girls in bed VERY early according to Hawaii time, but VERY late according to home time. Which lead us to having this romantic dinner once they were tucked in.

I honestly hope we are basking at the beach and don't have any further time to post updates, but should we have an early night in... I will try to post a pic or two.



Caceres Family said...

HOORAY!!! thank you for the post! everything looks AMAZING! praying for the most relaxing trip together full of fun and adventures together. We love you guys and cannot wait for a slide show with full commentary when you get home! miss you already.

Anonymous said...

Iam so glad you are getting this special time with your family....have fun!
Mary Lou