Friday, July 10, 2009

Just putt putting around

Last weekend we had the privilege of spending Friday with my dad and Kelly. Dad took our family to a really nice Putt Putt golf range at Willows Run . The girls are always telling him how they would like to go golfing with him and he came through with flying colors!

Syrah found a golf bag just her size!

Grandpa giving the girls some direction on filling out the putt putt log!

Group shot at the start of the Rainbow Run (the golf course is all Washington themed and was really well put together!)

Sadie lining up her putt. She looks like a pro!

Wish I could remember the name of this hole,but loved the cave with the waterfall inside and multiple rocks that you had to get around to get to the hole!

Syrah "just a little tap".

After golfing we had some lunch and went and watched the movie UP. This was the second time we saw it in the theater and it was well worth it. I have to say I think it is one of the best movies we have seen in a long time and I so appreciate that "adult entertainment" didn't include any rude comments, underlying bad jokes and overall harsh humor, but in contrast offered a story line both kids and adults can relate to. Pixar did a great job on that movie and I highly recommend it!

Thanks Dad and Kelly for a great day!!

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Caceres Family said...

seriously AWESOME golf place....gotta go when it is cooler :-) is it just me or does syrah look older in your pictures?? maybe it is her super cute hair??