Monday, June 1, 2009

Time with family...

Over Memorial Day weekend Bill's mom Mary Lou, her friend Bill and Billy's son Jeremiah came up from Medford. We are so grateful that Jeremiah is in Medford and grateful that Mary Lou offered to bring him up on her trip (Thank you Mary Lou). While they were here we had great weather so we were able to take them to the zoo and the Ballard Locks in addition to enjoying good food and quality time with family!

This was the newest addition to the zoo; however, be it that I am blogging so late, I can't remember for the life of me what it is called! All I know it is was cute and like all creatures, I am amazing at our God's creativity!

The family eating lunch at the zoo!

We were able to talk Mary Lou and Bill into playing rock band. I don't think it was Mary Lou's favorite, but Jeremiah had fun!!

Sunday we went to the Ballard Locks. It was very fun to see some of the different sized vessel using the lock system (which is amazing).

The kids were able to catch some waves!

Group picture outside the locks!

We were able to visit the fish ladders too and we came in at just the right time, we were able to hear someone do a small presentation on the salmon journey. This was great timing as Sadie has been studying Salmon in school. It was a lot of fun!

Unfortunately the trip ended on a not so good note. This picture captures Bill caring for Mary Lou after she was stung by a bee. We didn't get through the gardens, but I know we will make it back another time.

We were glad to be able to spend the long weekend with Mary Lou, Bill and Jeremiah; we know it was a long trip up, but we appreciated the fact they came to spend some time with us!

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Caceres Family said...

Looks like you had a great weekend together. I love the pictures and am loving the updates :-)